Medical Students from Worcester University

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We are delighted to announce that from Thursday 28th September 2023, The Spa Medical Practice will be welcoming Medical Students from Worcester University’s new medical school: The Three Counties Medical School. This is an exciting venture for the practice and the Three Counties Medical School. On Thursday mornings, 1-to-2 medical students may be sitting in with a GP or clinician, in order to observe and learn from primary care consultations and develop the necessary skills to be the doctors of tomorrow.

In order to train the next generation of doctors it is important that medical students have the opportunity to sit in and observe real life consultations. Textbooks can only provide a certain level of knowledge, in order to acquire the necessary inter-personal skills, to be a caring and diligent doctor, only real life consultation experience can provide this. All the doctors at the Spa Medical Practice were once medical students and they too had to sit in and observe real life consultations in order to progress in their medical training. Real life consultation time is invaluable to all medical students.

All the medical students at the practice are required to conform to the same strict confidentiality procedures as the other members of the practice and have undergone DBS checks.

We appreciate very much your understanding and cooperation in allowing the medical students to be present during consultations, in order for them to learn and develop the necessary skills to be the diligent and caring doctors of tomorrow.

If however you feel that you have further queries regarding this or object to a medical student being present then please discuss this with the receptionist prior to your consultation.